Baptism, also called Christening, is the first major step in the life of a Christian. It is a sign of Christian belonging and a gift from God, given through the church, by which a person enters into an intimate relationship with God. It is likely that those applying for a foundation place at a church school will need to have been baptised.
For older children there are further ‘rites of passages’. Children of around 7 years and above may join the First Communion classes which offer an opportunity to reflect on the sharing of bread and wine in church – the Eucharist, Holy Communion or Mass. Usually around the end of November we have a special Sunday celebration where young people receive their communion for the first time. Later, it is hoped that as adults a further step of personal commitment to the Christian way will be made at Confirmation and that is always an option for adults returning to church after a time away.  Baptisms at All Saints Church are arranged with Vicar Revd Alex Barrow.  Alex can be reached via email




Baptism Prep