Life at All Saints and in the parish as a whole is supported by the generous giving of the congregation. The Planned Giving Scheme, where people commit to give a specific amount over the year, enables us to plan and budget effectively. We also benefit from occasional gifts and legacies which are are sometimes given with a particular project in mind.

The largest part of our outgoings is our commitment to the Diocese of Southwark. This money goes towards the training, stipend (salary) and retirement costs of the clergy. The funds left after this has been paid go towards supporting charitable work – at home and abroad – and for the expenses and upkeep of the church building.

One-off gifts are much appreciated, perhaps as a sign of thanks for a baptism or wedding or in memory of someone who has died.

Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving involves committing to giving a monthly gift to the church which allows us to get on with our work in the community and plan for the future of All Saints . There is no minimum and even the smallest gift, given regularly, can make a big difference.

Planned Giving Representatives

Emma Macintyre is the All Saints Planned Giving rep. She is happy to answer any questions. Emma Macintyre

How to Sign Up

There are envelopes at the back of church containing forms and information or you can download one below.
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