Church Groups

At All Saints there are so many rewarding ways to be involved with the life of the church. You can volunteer to help with anything from gardening to making coffee or you can become part of the church’s governance through groups like the PCC. You can join in with the spiritual life of the church through participating in the serving team or contribute the church’s musical life through the choir or being involved in our concert series.  You can find details of all our groups and how to join them below.



Our garden team takes care of the grounds of the church, mowing the lawn, keeping down the weeds and occasionally planting. If you would like to join, click below to get in touch.

Holy Mowers

A cheery group of mowers cut the church and hall lawns. To volunteer contact Bob Mann by clicking below.


We serve coffee after the 10AM and Midday Sunday services. If you would like to join the coffee team ask at the hatch on Sunday, or click below to get in touch.


Members of our Transport Team can give a lift to church services for those in need. If you want to volunteer or you know someone who might need transport, click below to email us.


Each week the church is dusted and polished to look its best. There is a deep clean twice a year. To lend a helping hand contact Ann Hayward by clicking on the link below.

Church Governance & Administration

Parochial Church Council


The All Saints PCC members are Kathy Sheldon and Robert Cowham. The PCC deliberates on Parish wide matters and shares information on major services and events.

Consultative Group


The Consultative Group shares with the vicar and wardens in the leadership and running of the church. The Group is responsible for keeping the community focused on our Mission Action Plan.

Choir & Music

Music & Choir

As a church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, All Saints has always valued the power of music to enhance the religious experience. Generations of children and adults have passed through the choir. All have benefited in many ways from expanding their musical knowledge to making lifelong friends. The choir has a special atmosphere of mutual support and cooperation. There is an active social programme.

Concert Series

Every year we take advantage of the church's superb acoustics to hold a series of concerts.

Flower Team

Harvest Festival

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Church Flowers

Church Flowers

Church Flowers

Church Flowers

Flowers for services, weddings, memorials and much more…

The ‘Team’ is just that. A cooperative group of creative women and men who love working with flowers and enjoy their arranging and one another. The Team comes together to decorate the church for major festivals and events whilst individuals arrange on a week by week basis. Our aim is to provide attractive, natural arrangements which enhance the church and the worship.

The Team has worked hard to embrace a more sustainable approach to its flower arranging by abandoning foam, cutting down on imported hot house flowers and making greater use of local foliage, flowers and fruit from gardens and potted plants which can be planted outside once finished with. Regular training sessions and social dates take place.

The Team is always delighted to arrange sponsored flowers for special occasions or to mark significant anniversaries alongside weddings, funerals and memorial services. Additionally, the group is always excited to provide bridal flowers and arrangements for receptions and private parties.

Enthusiastic new members are welcomed and training is provided.

Serving Team

Giving Service

The Serving Team assist and support the clergy in the sanctuary at the main Sunday morning service and at festivals. We are always very happy to welcome new members to the team. If you are interested in joining the Serving Team or just want to find out more, please click below to get in touch.